Does every business website have to be based on a theme?

When I say theme, I don’t mean WordPress or Joomla theme. I’m talking about concept based websites where you draw a design inspiration from things, people or objects.

Marketers spend copious amount of energy to tackle this very question. Ideas get diluted over time and the concept is lost by the end of its execution.

The theme of your website completely depends on what your business is into. It could range from anything that looks very casual to something extremely formal.

Well, that’s a very wide range of ideas we are looking at, so here is an easy 3-step planner for marketers looking for ideas to build fresh, new websites from scratch.

#1 Framework

Start with the content. As always content is king. Look for the key ideas that you want to promote. Could be anywhere from your products or services to a business blog or an E-commerce store. Build a framework around this. This is now the skeletal structure of your entire website.

#2 Tone

Choose the tone in which you want to communicate with your readers. There are no rules here. Some  B2B companies use casual language and some B2C ones use formal tones. But, remember this is how you will be perceived from the outside world, so choose carefully. And always stick with this tone on every page of your website.

#3 Theme (Told you it’s just 3 steps!)

Now that you have a tone in which the website is going to be written and also a basic framework of all the pages that will go up, it becomes easier to think from a theme or concept perspective. You can pick from a variety of ideas like outdoors, adventure sports, music, water sports, landscapes, modern or work tools, art, and antiques to name a few. Ensure that the content and the tone go in sync with the theme you choose.

Here is a website which we built on an outdoor theme.

Check out the language, tone, and use of imagery. The three have to marry with what you do.

Looking to Revamp your Website?

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