In today’s day and age, every business stakeholder understands the importance of digital marketing and its impact on larger business objectives.

Blufig’s expertise in this arena brings to you, new means to generate more leads, establish brand visibility and engage your target audience. Explore what we can offer in digital marketing that will reinvent your business.


We understand that SEO is not the easiest but the most effective way to be found online. It is a process of optimising your website for search engines. It is a rigorous process of making the robots at Google and Microsoft understand that your website has the most relevant content.

Blufig will remove the “How did they make it to the top of the list?” factor from your vocabulary. A combination of high-quality content and appropriate placement is the backbone of your SEO strategy. At Blufig, we understand not only the technical side of SEO but also the human side of the business that relates to design, content quality and relevance.


Your website and blog is your most important digital asset. Consider it as the doorway to your business. Beautiful websites draw visibility, at Blufig we give you beauty with a purpose that will convert website visitors into potential customers.

Blufig works closely with you to understand and plan the communication goals, messaging, design, experience, Call-To-Action, landing pages, blog topics, etc., all of which dictate how your business is perceived online.


With Social Media Marketing, outreach is no more a challenge. Social Media Marketing also happens to be the second best source of traffic to your website. Whether you are running influencer outreach campaigns, product announcement or just publishing a new blog post, Social Media Marketing can be the all-inclusive distribution method which will give you the desired eye-balls.

At Blufig, we have mastered the art of audience engagement, influencer campaigns, organic fan following and more. These tactics will drive traffic and qualified leads for your business over a sustained period of time.


In this age of Webinars, Podcasts and Memes, Email Marketing still remains the most affordable and effective mode of communication. If you have something important to say which resonates with your target audience, then Email Marketing is the most prudent way to address it. With modern Email Marketing and Marketing Automation Platforms, creating beautiful, responsive emails is extremely easy. The problem is being able to run email campaigns week after week, with original valuable email content.

Blufig assists you in running campaigns that engage your audience who have discovered you via online or offline means. An engaged audience is more likely to get in touch when they are ready to make a purchase, rather than a disengaged audience. Like they say, ‘Out of sight is out of mind’.


SEM or PPC is a short-term marketing strategy which involves bidding for online real-estate for your brand to be discovered.

It is a great strategy when you want to be found during a product launch or conference event or for a specific product/ service. It provides you qualified leads for your sales team on a consistent basis.

Blufig specializes in creating digital ads, landing pages, call to action, ad monitoring, repurposing, etc. for you, so you can focus on your core business.

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